JennyK just taking a moment in Swedish forest summer of 2013.

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Last updated: October 21, 2014 at 18:32 pm

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    • Fiction – Sky – A shortstory
    • Music – Lisa and the Moon – Donnie Alan Remix ft JennyK

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Welcome to Studio Chaotic. Make yourself at home!

I’m not as mean as i look.
And not even half as pleasant as I sound. Check out the podcast. There’s music to hear, some writing to look into, random bits of this and that. Listen to the semi-daily audio blog below.

Latest track released

My pumpkin

Soft rock.
Play My pumpkin.
Collaboration Joey T Songwriter, drums, bass, guitar, and more. Tony Cas on guitar, JennyK mix, vocals, and more.
All rights reserved.

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  • October madness (10/7/2014) - There is just something strange about October. Windy, rainy, the days are growing darker, and life switch gears. That’s what it feels like for me anyways. Here is another somewhat eklectic podcast episode for you. We hear Imp going a bit mad no thanks to yours truly. We hear a new flash fiction piece narrated […]
  • This is August – Studio Chaotic summer special 2014 (8/1/2014) - Hey, there truly are other people in the world! Besides inner demons and a pet Imp that is Jen talks to Nick, Dave, and Thomas about their philosophy of life. We hear some music from Thomas, some wise words from Imp, get a glimpse into a workaholics small pleasures, and sense a somewhat hot temper […]
  • Update. JennyK talking shit again after two months of nothing. (3/12/2014) - A network of complications March update JennyK talking shit for a few minutes. About Kompoz, where musicians collaborate, immigration status, good v.s bad mornings, and mental health maintenance. Transcript Sorry, no transcript today. Finishing this episode is a trance track called “I will find you” Produced and released on by Airy connections, 404, Ed […]

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