JennyK just taking a moment in Swedish forest summer of 2013.

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Calm down. What’s the hurry?

Silence your phone, breathe, and take a moment to relax. I have a few places I’d love for you to visit.

Let the sound of rain settle your nerves at Rain for me.
Those are my personal favorites because of the wonderfully relaxing sound-scapes. If sitting still and just relaxing seems just a bit too dull for you, I recommend opening these in a new tab and let the background music play as you do your normal stuff. If you have just two minutes and want to make sure you actually stay still and rest for all of those seconds without cheating; try to Do nothing for two minutes. Chances are that those two minutes will do you wonders.

These and more websites that will help you slow down and breathe for a while are listed in this great post:

Take a break. 10 websites to help you relax for two minutes.

Okay. Peace of mind gained, now enter the random. Welcome to Studio chaotic.

I’m not as mean as i look. And not even half as pleasant as I sound. Check out the podcast. There’s music to hear, some writing to look into, random bits of this and that. Listen to the semi-daily audio blog below.

Featured track — Hounddogs

A Kompoz collaboration. Prog rock.
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  • Snow Nov16 2014 Winter is here. Just sayin. (11/16/2014) - Winter is here. Just a reminder. Muahahahahaha! Watch on Youtube. November 16th. Snow! Fucking burrrrrrr! Ick! If you found this worth your time, please take a couple more seconds to share it with your friends and followers. Thank you. Send as email.
  • October madness (10/7/2014) - There is just something strange about October. Windy, rainy, the days are growing darker, and life switch gears. That’s what it feels like for me anyways. Here is another somewhat eklectic podcast episode for you. We hear Imp going a bit mad no thanks to yours truly. We hear a new flash fiction piece narrated […]
  • This is August – Studio Chaotic summer special 2014 (8/1/2014) - Hey, there truly are other people in the world! Besides inner demons and a pet Imp that is Jen talks to Nick, Dave, and Thomas about their philosophy of life. We hear some music from Thomas, some wise words from Imp, get a glimpse into a workaholics small pleasures, and sense a somewhat hot temper […]

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  • Polish that turd -- Mythbusters Polish that turd. And if it doesn’t shine, flush. Why edit that puppy? (11/6/2014) - Editing — Don’t wanna, don’t wanna don’t wanna. I suppose I should. I just started looking over a novel I’ve had lying around for a number of years now. It’s one of the few finished longer works I’ve written. But it needs editing. As I read over a couple of chapters I realize that I’ve […]
  • Gray stone wall Life is a work in progress. Why the rush to be done? A reflection. (11/4/2014) - What’s the hurry? There’s a man in the area. He is obviously retired and spends most days adding rocks to a stone wall. This is all I know about this man; He builds this seemingly endless stone wall and I think to myself: “There is no way he will ever get done that wall.” Because […]
  • Constantly Confused - The J-Zine Submit is The point of no return. The introvert bloggers dilemma. Intentional blog 05 (10/22/2014) - Break the status quo before it breaks you. I’m not sure what’s worse, the dread before hitting that button for fear of being exposed as someone seeking attention or approval; or the realization that there is something wrong in what I just sent out to the world for all to see and judge. Or, the […]

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  • My pumpkin My pumpkin – Indie rock (11/5/2014) - My pumpkin A Kompoz collaboration. Indie rock. joeyalomar, Joey T, Endicott New York USA JennyK, Jenny Brennan, Jasper Ontario Canada StratCas, Tony Cas, New York NY USA
  • Hounddogs – Adult alternative Collaboration (10/30/2014) - Hounddogs Adult alternative. Buy Hounddogs on SoundBlend – $0.99 Lyrics by jennyK Maybe I’m a star; the crowd calls my name. But I hear the howl, the call of the wild, maybe I can pay. Put it on the tab right there. Where angels fall to cry. Telling all the people gathered there. How it […]
  • Piano to dance (Working title) Audition mix at (10/28/2014) - Piano to dance – A work in progress Trance Collaboration with Power76, Stratcas, and JennyK. Audition Mix. Lyrics (Audition Version) When I followed you like a lost cheep. When I hid every trace. When I silenced, you turned around, you saw me. When i fell and when i begged you. Do you recall all that […]

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