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Last updated: August 17, 2017 at 10:33 am

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Podcasting – Love it, be it, become a part of it. But hurry! Here’s why and how you can help:

Are you a podcaster? Awesome! Do you love podcasts? Excellent!
Here’s what you can do for podcasters everywhere. To get the word out, to learn what it’s all about; this weird podcasting thing. to win some freakishly awesome stuff. Check this out:


The messengers

‘The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary’ is an intimate look at the world of podcasting and what compels the independent podcasters to take it on. We visit some of the most influential and deeply embedded individuals who share about their shows, their communities and the impact podcasting has had on their lives.

To be released on August 23rd 2017. But here’s the deal:
By all of you pre-ordering this movie, we have a chance to bring this documentary to number 1. That is what we want. Pre-order The Messengers on iTunes!
and do it before August 23. Bringing podcasting into view, to showcase all the amazing things podcasters do. When you pre-order you are helping a community of creators and artists, entertainers, and educators, and just normal people with something to say to reach more people, to do more great stuff. Podcasting isn’t going away. It’s growing and growing and we f-in love this stuff. So, as a Studio chaotic listener, do me this one favour.
Pre-order The Messengers – A documentary.

do it for this one. and for podcasters everywhere.

but there is another way to do this. Check this:
School of podcasting with Dave Jackson. He’s got some sweet deals for you. If you ever wanted to start a podcast, this is the place. I’ll be joining the School of Podcasting myself very soon. This dude…. Well, I hear from reliable sources that the guy actually displays an aura around him that even the legally blind can see. 😀

Cheers and Thank you!!!

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