JennyK just taking a moment in Swedish forest summer of 2013.

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Maintenance, and stuff.

Stuff work well, stuff work not so well, old problems fade, new problems appear. So, there you have it. Here’s what does work:

For a while nothing I did felt good enough. I banned my own videos from the net; what a ludicrous thing to do. Well, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve set up a new Youtube channel to start with. Go there and subscribe to the
Studio Chaotic Productions Youtube channel

Plugins fail.

Or the php version required change and creates very strange problems. Fix one thing… well you know the rest. So basically, this site is in partial maintenance mode until I can find plugins to replace those that fail thanks to a very diligent Wordpress update policy. :)

All is well.

And if it’s not, it will be.
For now, there will be issues, broken code, strange things. Have no fear. I am nothing if not stubborn.

A belief is a thought you keep thinking…

Calm down. What’s the hurry?

Silence your phone, breathe, and take a moment to relax. I have a few places I’d love for you to visit.

Let the sound of rain settle your nerves at Rain for me.
Those are my personal favorites because of the wonderfully relaxing sound-scapes. If sitting still and just relaxing seems just a bit too dull for you, I recommend opening these in a new tab and let the background music play as you do your normal stuff. If you have just two minutes and want to make sure you actually stay still and rest for all of those seconds without cheating; try to Do nothing for two minutes. Chances are that those two minutes will do you wonders.

These and more websites that will help you slow down and breathe for a while are listed in this great post:

Take a break. 10 websites to help you relax for two minutes.

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Let me in! Let me do what I’ve gotta do.

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