JennyK FM 02 – The Flash Monologues – Week 2 – Conflicted, hopeful, grateful.

JennyK - Deep in thought at the fireplace

Week 2 – Conflicted, optimistic, grateful.


Week two this year. Another bad week. But, who decides what is bad? Hmm. I’m feeling good. The more I think about this diary and what I have to say, the more I have to say. That is to be expected. Grateful. Optimistic. yeah, I am. Funny. Who’d have thunk it?

Take care


New and coming up on House of Imp

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Stay tuned for a new show on House of Imp.
The Flash Monologues by JennyK
It’s a non-podcast podcast feed. A House of Imp sideshow. It’s a weekly rant, monologue, diary entry.

Starting January 2018.

JennyK – Producer

JennyK FM 01 – The Flash Monologues – Week 1 – What is this thing?

JennyK - Deep in thought at the fireplace

Flash Monologues – Week 1 – Oh, why? What the hell is this thing?


The first week of 2018. In the real world it was a terrible week. But, as any week, it had seven days and far too many random thoughts to be summed up in a short bit of JennyK speak. But I try. I’m starting, to gather my thoughts, to organize my recent past, to allow all my collections of moments to congeal. Makes little sense. But it works in my head.

Take care


JennyK FM 00 – The Flash Monologues – Here goes nothing! A new solo non-podcast on House of Imp

JennyK - Deep in thought at the fireplace

JennyK FM – Introduction of another weird idea


Introducing a new show on House of Imp, released here as teaser on House of Imp – Podcast.
Check it out. The Flash Monologues can not b found on iTunes at this time. it exists as a feed on this website only. To add this feed to your podcatcher, visit JennyK FM to read more.
Or, add it manually to your pod catcher of choice using the following:

Take care

House of Imp 36 – Christmas. Bah! In the end it’s just another day and a reason to make music

metal Santa

Christmas 2017 – Bill and Jen talk crap about Christmas – Well, kind of…


In the end, Christmas is just another day, another number in the calendar, and an opportunity to behead turkeys and turn off the radio. Jen and Bill have likes and dislikes and can’t resist letting you know what they think about overspending, Christmas obsession in general, a bit about great gifts for the visually impaired, and cardboard boxes.


Hotsauce in my Eggnog

Arranged and produced by Bill Babcock with help from
Andrea on drums and
Anton adding the bass.

It’s been an interesting year and we’re looking forward to an awesome 2018 with more disorganized podcasting, more Imp, more music, and even more conversations about things that may or may not matter.

Merry Christmas everyone, be it in joy or misery, it’s all good.

Until next year.
House of Imp – Out.
JennyK, Bill, and Imp – Staying away from live turkeys since Christmas.

House of Imp 35 – Featuring music we love – Kompoz Showcase #1

House of Imp - 35 - Collaboration Artworks

Kompoz – Favorite collaborations – #1


For December 2017, we picked a couple of great tracks produced by artists from
This is the first of many more episodes featuring some of our favorite creations. There will be more independant music but also books and movies we simply can’t not talk about. This Kompoz showcase features two collaborations:

“Never Enough”

Written by
BillOnGuitar a.k.a Bill Barrett
with lyrics and vocals by
Wire-and-Wood a.k.a Mike Patterson.
Cory Frey,
Grumpy Grump,
SirWillyDS12 a.k.a Bill Smith.

Lyrics: Never Enough


Written by
Lyrics and vocals by
Fresh727 a.k.a Mika Greiner.

Lyrics: Relapse

Bill and Jen – Treating Imps right since…. Err.

House of Imp Episode 35 was:

Produced by Jenny K Brennan a.k.a JennyK. and Bill Babcock a.k.a sriracha.

House of Imp music by
Icarus machine – 2017.
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Media hosted by Blubrry Media hosting.

Studio Chaotic and Sundered Records – 2017