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This is just a quick note to inform anyone and everyone that I’m still alive and present. Hear the birds in my backyard. After some health troubles I’m slowly getting stronger and motivated.

Until next time.
jenny K Brennan

Studio chaotic.

Twitter lazy? Get Tweetily!

Get Tweetily to post for you! Easy, accessible, and free plugin for wordpress.

I don’t like twitter. Am i allowed to say that? But i do tweet my posts after publishing… when I remember to do so. And i have posts that deserve better. Older posts are just as cool as new posts for those who never read them before!

Tweetily does exactly that: it digs in the pile of posts according to your precise preferences, it tweets the number of tweets you specify, so you don’t have to. Simple! Lazy! Excellent plugin.

But the lazy part is not why this is my current favorite wordpress plugin. I love this because it is absolutely hassle free, is completely accessible, does what it says it’s going to do and then it tells you when it will do it the next time. and it’s free too.

What can I say? If you feel like you are neglecting twitter but still want your stuff to reach the twittersphere now and then, get Tweetily, set a schedule, authorize the app and forget about it.

Since it would seem very strange if I suddenly started to tweet every four hours, I set mine to tweet once a day at the most, add the link to the post, hashtags taken from the post category, and a bit of extra text to be included in every tweet. It really couldn’t be easier!

Cudos to Flavio Martins, who really did think of everything.
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Gideon – a kitchen quest — Interactive adventure

Gideon – A kitchen quest

Can you save Teddy?

A nightmare mother, a beloved toy bear, Pea soup for supper; what else could you ask for?

this is a beta version. If anyone feels like doing some beta testing on this; feel free to contact me. I’ll work on it, if and when I feel the need. It’s playable, not polished. Not even close. It is a children’s tale, with less than childish players. 🙂

Play this game in your browser.

Have fun.

One last visit. Not fun. The death of

The death of a website

disjointed communications and shallow teasing in blinking little pictures.
Now, right there in the listing. Then, gone I don’t know where.

Rubbery threads, always pulling, drawing, joining.
Now immediate, strong, hovering.
Then, drawn, weary, snapping in the strain of distant almost but not quite strangers.

community of theme, of wish, of egos, of need.
Rarely fulfilled, frustrated inactive, bustling, telling, not doing. Hoping, not believeing.

tiptoeing through empty halls. around a corner. Wrong one. Try again. peek. hello?
Listening for the correct tone, the right timbre, a refreshing voice. hello?

Sudden laughter rings out through the surface of monotone.
Nervous vocalization of doubt, faking optimism, fearing activism.

unreliable homecomings of fading addicts.
Resent, accuse, point with a stick, thumbs up, shout a hug, a laugh, a flower.

this is we.
A core of wanters, of makers, of distant not quite friends.


Written at the ongoing painful dying of, ——————————————————————————–May 7th, 2011 @ 9:39AM


Now it is truly dead, turned into a foreign bot network. Even the frantic desperate hope has been silenced.

R.I.P DMusic. Because this time I will not come back.

Chris, Spyed, dig a hole and drop DMusic into it. Then squat, crap, wipe your hands, and pretend to care. The difference to what you’ve done since taking over the site would be difficult to find.

JennyK March 6 2013
(DMember since Nov 2003).

WPAudio mp3 player usage and advanced tagg

WPAudio Mp3 Player – A wordpress plugin I really like!

What it is and how to use it. I wanted something that would work with the device ready 2012 wordpress theme so I could finally get rid of all the really bothersome flash-players I’ve had to use. This plugin is simply called WPAudio mp3 player.
Got to the plugin page, click Add new, search for WPAudio mp3 player. , click install, then activate. Done
This player works nicely in all browsers I’ve tried as well as on the iPhone. Check it out.

The easiest way to add a quick single player:

Shortcode with tags:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Artist – Song” dl=”1″ autoplay=”0″]

Or use html code:

<a href=”″ class=”wpaudio” dl=”0″ autoplay=”0″>Artist – Song</a>

0 = disabled and 1 = enabled

The plugin settings are completely accessible. and quite straightforward. I recommend this plugin for admins needing accessibility as well as for admins wanting to provide accessibility, no fuss, no pain.

So let’s try it here:

Using shortcode with tags:

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”A Kompoz collaboration – Hard wired” dl=”1″ autoplay=”0″]

Using HTML code:

A Kompoz collaboration – Natural high

And for my own accessibility curiosity, can I wrap this in a heading?

JennyK and friends – Hounddogs