Headstuckuparseia – Health Article by Dr. J K


There are two types of Headstuckuparseia; type 1 and type 2
These two types are, however critically different, similar in the following:
1. A distorted persception of reality.
2. Heightened risk of alienation from society.

Type 1 headstuckuparseia is, from the society’s point of view, the most damaging for the patients external appearance. It is signified by a severe lack of concern for the fellow humans and their emotions and needs. (commonly known as empathy) This type is often combined with a severely enlarged ego. Type 1 Headstuckuparseia is with few exceptions contracted at early age, transmitted from a parent. It is also always asociated with the common IknowImalwaysrightia which adds to the lack of effective treatment for these patients as they will refuse treatment and deny that there is a problem.
The world revolves around a sufferer of Type 1 Headstuckuparseia and the desillusion leads to a smug contentedness and carefree non-interest in responsabilities and selfless action.

Type 2 Headstuckuparseia is in many ways the exact opposite of Type 1. A patient has heightened concern for opinions of society, family and friends. It is often asociated with
1. Hind-sightafobia which causes crippling fear of analyzing past actions and events leading to failure to clearly and matter a factly see the past and move beyond it. Much time is spent in avoiding thoughts that refuse to go away. (Commonly known as denial.)
2. Hind-sightomania on the other hand is signified by overexessive brooding and analyzing of the past. Details of conversation and actions play repeatedly in the mind. Common are thoughts of regret and fear over things that are insignificant or most likely forgotten by the other part of the conversation. A patient puts too much importance on his/her influence or lack of influence on people around which leads to a twisted perception of his/her importance. The imagined importance in other peoples lives is not at all intentional and is not connected to the type 1 ego-centricity although it can seem similar.
Type 1 is not compatible with Type 2 and although Type 2 with time and the wrong kind of therapy and misguidance can change from type 2 to type 1 it is exceedingly rare.

Are you suffering from headstuckuparseia?
You are not alone.

Say hello to Spooky

A tired Spooky.

A tired Spooky.
Spooky has had a long day chasing shadows.
Jen and Spooky at the fireplace.
Jen and Spooky at the fireplace.

Sharp teeth, soft furr, appetite like a horse. Spooky, a golden retriever, born August 18 2011, is now part of this family.
He’s learning, I’m learning, and it aint all fun but totally worth it.

An island among many is still an island

Seems to me, the larger the ocean of web gets, the farther apart the islands of community drift.

The more places there are to visit, the less time we have for each place we find. Spindly bridges are built to connect isolated places of paradise, somewhere that could be utopia, to the crowded cold and strictly paved parking lots they call “Like”.

Why do we crowd in cities that, in the best case scenario, will connect us with those we may form friendships with, and in worst case, alienate us from those who truly care and those who have things to say that might make a difference.

Why do we need to be “liked” to matter?
Why do we need to be “friends” with people we don’t know, and wouldn’t want to meet, wouldn’t write an email to, or call on the phone? Is that not the kind of “friends” that crowd your Facebook friend list? Honestly?
Why do we need some enormous community machine to tell us we are worth something?

Because what happens if noone has the time, or enough incentive to click on your needy like request, if noone has the time to look at your uploaded image? Do you feel compelled to “share”, “share”, and “share” again, until you feel confirmed as being truly “Liked”?

Facebook is not human. Facebook friends are not real friends.
Your total “Like” count does NOT make you better, prettier, funnier, more popular, or in truth any more likeable.

So why do we fall into that trap?

Facebook is a tool, not a force of humanity.
Facebook is a monster.

Facebook makes us less, not more.

Looking for needles – Poem

I look for needles in arrays of…


Was there ever a pattern?
Did I have it all queued correctly at one point, or was that only what I was told?
When creating the bookmark, the to-do list, the reminder, the play list.
Pixilated troops shove me.
Toward tables of hasty content

Irritated, frustrated, powerless, cleverly manipulated.
Voluntarily bending over.

I negotiate untaught patterns,
While sidestepping road signs,
Obscuring whatever view there might have been.

They block my avatar from posting correctly.
My questions.



You shout “Find your way!”
But you second guess me,
Say you believe in me,
And ten thousand others,
Just as unique as me.
How lucky must I not be?

You annoy me.
You irritate me.
You advice me to be what I would never be.

Banners, directions, arrows, commands
You block my view but insist on intruding.

For my sake?
I don’t think so.

I don’t remember…


Cluttered avenues, Nested paths, numbered maps.
No road in sight.
Spiders inspect streams; analyze virtually everywhere I’ve been.
On demand.

For my well-being?
I don’t think so

Bugs. Everywhere bugs.
I see no life

Words, everywhere words.
I see no plot

Where is the synopsis, the cover letter, the correct format, the author bio?

On facebook?

I don’t think so

What is the difference between a dummy and an idiot?

What is the diffference between a dummy and an idiot?

As far s dictionaries go , here are some definitions:

Definition of “dummy” found at: Oxford Dictionaries Online

noun (plural dummies)
1 a model or replica of a human being:a waxwork dummy
a figure used for displaying or fitting clothes:a tailor’s dummy
a ventriloquist’s doll.
2 an object designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real or usual one:tests using stuffed owls and wooden dummies[as modifier] :a dummy torpedo
British a rubber or plastic teat for a baby to suck on.
a prototype or mock-up, especially of a book or the layout of a page.
a blank round of ammunition.
[as modifier] Grammardenoting a word that has no semantic content but is used to maintain grammatical structure:a dummy subject as in ‘it is’ or ‘there are’
3 (chiefly in rugby and soccer) a feigned pass or kick intended to deceive an opponent.
4 informal , chiefly North American a stupid person.
5 Bridgethe declarer’s partner, whose cards are exposed on the table after the opening lead and played by the declarer.
Bridgethe exposed hand of the declarer’s partner.
an imaginary fourth player in whist:[as modifier] :dummy whist


Definition of “idiot” found at: Oxford Dictionaries Online

a stupid person.
archaic a person of low intelligence.

Ok, with that out of the way. Here is my take on it.


A dummy can learn. If they couldn’t, then why would there be so many “for dummies” books out there?
Dummies are aware of their own dummy status and will happily admit being one.


An idiot learns only in very small steps, and only after making serious mistakes.
Idiots are rarely ready to admit to and embrace the idiot status, because if they did, they would turn into dummies.

So what are you? A dummy or an idiot.

the social idiot / writing dummy.

A quick pickle mix with bite – Recipe from a kitchen idiot

You know, I hate cooking.

Sometimes however, I get a bright idea.

I do like pickles. Dill pickles….. Um, and other types. Recently I did the google thing to find out how to pickle stuff. I would love to do my own dill pickles.

After a while I realized something; pickling is work. So I said to myself: Eek!” and closed the browser. I’m not that interested anymore. Oh, it’s not that hard really but it has to do with sterilizing jars and I do have a problem with boiling water. So there. No homemade dill pickles for me and I’m not all that depressed over it.

But here is a little something I made the other night, a quick veggie pickle mix with a definite bite. I will do it again and perhaps develop a recipe that makes sense for people who actually know something about cooking, which I happily admit that I don’t.

The nice thing about this little side dish is that it’s easy to make, tastes great and tastes even better the next day as long as you remember to put it in the fridge over night.

Quick pickle mix with bite.

How to make it:

Demolish 1 fairly large, normal cucumber of your preferred type.
Slice, dice, cube, whatever you fancy.

Treat two or three tomatoes the same way.
Cut one garlic clove into those tiny tiny sticky pieces.

Put all that in a bowl or container of your choice.
Now, mix two parts white vinegar with three parts water. Go with more water to make it a tiny bit mellower if you want.
Add some sugar, salt, a squirt of lemon juice and a squeeze of mustard.

Amounts are all up to you. In my first try I used a teaspoon of sugar and ten shakes of the salt shaker for about two cups of vinegar stuff, Perhaps a teaspoon each of regular mustard and lemon juice.
I should have used more perhaps but it turned out good so I won’t stray too far from that formula.

Mix all of that together and cover, put it in the fridge. It really needs to be served cold so either make it before starting supper, or leave it until the next day, which I recommend.


The kitchen idiot.