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15 – October madness

There is just something strange about October.


Windy, rainy, the days are growing darker, and life switch gears. That’s what it feels like for me anyways. Here is another somewhat eklectic podcast episode for you.

We hear Imp going a bit mad no thanks to yours truly. We hear a new flash fiction piece narrated by Billy a.k.a Sriracha with music by neil a.k.a Rolf from

I give you the word of the month to ponder and learn something about.
“Gaslighting”. I’ll give you a hint; Gaslighting does not require flatulence and a bic lighter. 😀

And there is a new song that is not yet finalized. My pumpkin was written by joey a.k.a JoeyAlomar who added bass, guitar and drums along with motivation and encouragement. There’s additional guitar by Tony a.k.a StratCas, and the rest is my creation; stuff like even more guitars, piano, sax, lyrics, vocals and production. You will hear the very first sneak preview right here as the collaboration is still private and under highest secrecy. 🙂 There is a reason why I don’t add a link to this collaboration as this song will go public in time for Halloween and no sooner.
This recording is licensed as all rights reserved. Listen all you want, comment please, and you do have special permission to share this all you want. Spread the weird. 😀

Let’s not forget to wish a fantastic

happy birthday Dan Savage

who is the coolest sex columnist ever. Let us all wish him lots of cake and a great year!

Enjoy this October madness. Just consider it priming for Halloween.


Read the story here.

My pumkin lyrics

By Jenny K Brennan 2014

There’s a bird on a branch in a tree in a forest not far from me.
It serenades me and I know the type.
And there’s a man on a chair with a feather in his hair.
He says with this we can all fly.
He says with this we can all fly forever more.

Don’t burst my bubble I believe there’s a genie in my bottle.
A genie in my bottle.
Don’t tease my pumpkin.
I believe there’s a fairy and a gnome making babies on my lawn.

There’s a cat on a shelf with a glassy stare.
Watching me watching you.
This is what it’s saying.
There’s a place over there where
the stars and the sky and the ghosts gather round.
For tea on your patio.

Once upon a time we all believed.

Don’t burst my bubble I believe there’s a genie in my bottle.
A genie in my bottle.
Don’t tease my pumpkin.
I believe there’s a fairy and a gnome making babies on my lawn.

Glass slippers fit
Hans and gretel came home.
Trolls are misunderstood
Of course it is so.
Glass slippers fit
Tales are never too tall.
heroes will never fall.
Of course it is so

They’re building houses out of shrooms.
I’ll make you believe
This is for real.
They’re making babies on my lawn

don’t burst my bubble…

Jenny K Brennan
Oct 7 2014
Ontario Canada

14 – This is August – Studio Chaotic summer special 2014

Hey, there truly are other people in the world!


Besides inner demons and a pet Imp that is

Jen talks to Nick, Dave, and Thomas about their philosophy of life. We hear some music from Thomas, some wise words from Imp, get a glimpse into a workaholics small pleasures, and sense a somewhat hot temper from Nick.


Music in this episode is composed and provided by this guy:

Thomas Ewel a.k.a Explendidos

can be found on:

Facebook fan page

And of course on

Some of the music, not necessarily in order of playing, are:

Intro, composed for this episode.
Blues Brothers High on Crack – Acid House
I wanna meet the devil
Sirens sea

Reservations for errors. And I’m missing a title . Hell, there’s no helping it; you will have to check out all of Thomas tracks to find the one I didn’t name. Trust me, it will be an enjoyable search! I’m a fan.

A new format, a different approach.

In this episode I tried out three different ways to include other human beings in the podcast. Call it a test if you will. I learned alot along the way while producing this and it has been delay after delay. Never mind the doubts in my own head about what i’m doing. I do intend to include people, talk about stuff that interests me if noone else, and things could get interesting. I learned, technically, how to do certain things even if I didn’t pull it off this time, I learned a few important things. I am grateful to all my three victims for agreeing to participate in this amateur production. I hope I can bribe you again.

Thank you!

And listeners; Thanks for listening. Leave comments and all that stuff. I can be found by asking Mr. Google for Studio Chaotic and JennyK. Chances are you’ll find something I don’t want you to find.

August 2014

Jenny K Brennan
Ontario Canada

13 – Update. JennyK talking shit again after two months of nothing.

A network of complications

March update


JennyK talking shit for a few minutes. About Kompoz, where musicians collaborate, immigration status, good v.s bad mornings, and mental health maintenance.


Sorry, no transcript today.

Finishing this episode is a trance track called “I will find you” Produced and released on by Airy connections, 404, Ed Silva, and JennyK.

Jenny K Brennan March 12 2014

Studio Chaotic – Talking shit – since two thousand and whatever day I invaded your pod catcher.

12 – Edumecation – I done learn good last year.

A network of complications

Will I ever learn to know things?


I’ve learned so many bad habits and damaging patterns of thought in my life. Sometimes I think I’m so mart I can top a tar. Wohoo. One thing I’ve learned is that unlearning happens in small chunks; slowly. Here’s my list of things learned during 2013.

Now if I can just found the grammar books I lost it someplace.



I learnded good.

I do try to learn one new thing every day. It doesn’t always happen that way but now I have gathered up the more important lessons from last year 2013. Since this is a new year I’m going to use those lessons to learn other things or avoid mistakes.

I have learned that my dog is insane; He has a craving for V8 which is a vegetable juice and I can’t open a can without him pawing at me.

I have learned that audio terms are stupid. A limiter is used to get a loud mix. When you pull the threshhold down the volume goes up. And what the hell is an expander? I haven’t learned that yet. No wonder it’s taking me forever to learn.

I have learned that there are no good excuses not to finish what you started.

I have learned that there are many many many many bad excuses that are almost as valid.

I have learned that all gear are not created equal.

I have learned that nobody is perfect and

It’s hard to move back in with your parents.

I have learned that too much coffee gives me gut rot and not enough food gives me a headache.

I have learned that if I don’t do dishes for a few days they pile up.

And I’ve also learned how much I hate doing dishes.

I have learned that having a husband that cooks food every day is essential to my survival.

I have learned that guitar picks disappear in this studio. If you don’t believe me bring all of your picks here and watch them vanish.

I have learned that cables will not untangle themselves.

Another important thing I’ve learned is that I do my best work between three and seven in the morning.

I have learned that Golden retriever furr is bad for vacuum-cleaners. If you don’t believe me you can borrow mine. The dog, not the vacuum-cleaner.

I have learned that guitars sure as hell don’t tune themselves.

Canadian winters suck ass.

And spiders live in the corners of this studio. I’m so glad I can’t see them.

So, what did you learn last year?

Jenny K Brennan Jan 12 2014


11 – Time… What a relentless bitch.

A network of complications

I have the time. Now what?


There comes a day. Chances are it will be the day I forget to remember what I remembered to forget… to put my pants on in the morning. Yes, you can tell I’ve given this much thought can you not?



Jenny K Brennan Jan 10 2014

11 – Inspiration – Such a beautiful bastard. It has teeth.

A network of complications

Inspiration is such a beautiful bastard.


It hides. If I could find the formula for luring that sucker out of it’s dark little hole in the back of my mind, I’d be rich.



Inspiration is a tricky beast and I’ll talk about that in a moment. First, if you’re listening, which you are; I’m glad you’re listening. Thank you for listening. I know for sure I have at least two listeners. I know my podcast has gone downhill for a long time and I haven’t been inspired. This is changing with this little series whether you enjoy it or not. But like I said; I do know I have two listeners and Dezz and Gene; I’m glad to have you with me today.

Inspiration. At the end of this episode I have a sample of something I’m working on. I’m actually inspired.

I wrote a song this fall and I’ve had major problems with it. Because it simply did not want to tell me what it wanted to be. It might be a strange way of putting it but that’s what it feels like. When I write a song I cannot hear in my head a final product. I know alot of songwriters and producers, they have that vision, that audible vision, of something, of a song, what they want, the mood and all that but I don’t. And that’s probably why I’ll never be big and famous and rich.

Oh well.

But anyways. Hounddogs; I’ve had problems with it because it didn’t want to cooperate and this morning I gave it another try. I thought, what the hell. I can’t give up on this because I like it. So I muted the acoustic guitar and there it was.

So that’s what I’ve been working on today and I overdid it as usual. Coffee and more coffee. I had a headache at two o’clock and besides breakfast: nothing. But you know.

And here’s a sample from what I’ve been working on today. Very much a work in progress.

From JennyK and Studio Chaotic. I’ll see ya.

Jenny K Brennan Dec 30 2013