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20 – A change of heart – A rant – The Imp – A podcast getting its shit together.

Studio Chaotic – Restarting – On schedule – What?

Yeah, i know it sounds incredible. But it’s true. This podcast escaped death by a fraction. Here’s me and Imp deciding the future. There’s a rant about why and a big thanks to one of my Podcast heroes.


Mentions and links:

Shoutout to Dave Jackson at
School of podcasting.

My home on the web – Studio Chaotic.

Icarus Machine – The band – Prog-metal storytelling.

Join our Patreon page here. For as little as $2 per month you get more than just a pre-release of one of our new tunes.
You also get our first album – This Sundered World. . Now that is a good deal.


The schedule:

To start with, Studio Chaotic will release episodes every second Friday starting tonight May 5th.

JennyK and Imp [ Still here – still talking nonsense – still seriously having too much fun. Saying

Embrace the crazy – All is well!

19 – Stepping back into podcast land — The difference a year makes — Icarus Machine, Mac, and the future

The Studio Chaotic tentative return – With music and news — And Imp


Here’s a slightly confusing and disjointed episode where I try to tie up over a year of JennyK.
Not possible, I know I didn’t do a great job on this one. But I just need to get my feet wet again and truth is; I’ve missed it. So take it for what it’s worth. Got some news and places to check out.


Check out “Wasted” – Video by jennyK.

Icarus Machine official page

Icarus Machine on Facebook

Become a patron of Icarus Machine

NaNoWriMo – Mother of Crow — The Novel page



17 – Belief



A belief is a thought you keep thinking

Abraham Hicks


A belief is a thought you keep thinking.
At any time you can choose another thought.
And you can make that into a belief.
A habit is a belief is a thought you keep thinking.
You can change a thought so you can change a belief so you can change a habit.

That is in your power.

That is in your essential power that is you.
You, your spirit, your soul, your god, your faith.
Your thoughts.
It’s all you.
And nothing is more important than you. And if you feel… good.
You know that it is right.

A belief is a thought you keep thinking. A habit is a belief is a thought you keep thinking.

Change your thought; change your life.

You are, in fact, the centre of the universe.
And that is the fact of life.

You can live the life you want. You can live your dream. You can be happy.
You can be utterly joyful, blissful, happy. If that is your choice.
You can be healthy, strong. You can be everything you want. If that is your choice.
If that is your joy. If that is your bliss. There’s only one catch.

You can never go back. You can never even for a second go back to what you think is real.
Because it’s not, not anymore.

What is real is now. Any other reality is irrelevant, is unnecessary.
If you bring it forward; that bad thing that happened, that thing that was so real… before; it will be real again.

Because by choosing to bring it forward… you choose to live it again.

It’s your choice. Do you want to live that again? Do you want to keep living the so called real life that you’ve been living for so long?


You want to live now. And now changes everything. Because what you are now will be what you are later.

You can choose your thoughts.

A belief is a thought you keep thinking. You can change your thought.
That is in your power. And your power is endless, unlimited…

Pure, positive energy.

15 – October madness

There is just something strange about October.


Windy, rainy, the days are growing darker, and life switch gears. That’s what it feels like for me anyways. Here is another somewhat eklectic podcast episode for you.

We hear Imp going a bit mad no thanks to yours truly. We hear a new flash fiction piece narrated by Billy a.k.a Sriracha with music by neil a.k.a Rolf from

I give you the word of the month to ponder and learn something about.
“Gaslighting”. I’ll give you a hint; Gaslighting does not require flatulence and a bic lighter. 😀

And there is a new song that is not yet finalized. My pumpkin was written by joey a.k.a JoeyAlomar who added bass, guitar and drums along with motivation and encouragement. There’s additional guitar by Tony a.k.a StratCas, and the rest is my creation; stuff like even more guitars, piano, sax, lyrics, vocals and production. You will hear the very first sneak preview right here as the collaboration is still private and under highest secrecy. 🙂 There is a reason why I don’t add a link to this collaboration as this song will go public in time for Halloween and no sooner.
This recording is licensed as all rights reserved. Listen all you want, comment please, and you do have special permission to share this all you want. Spread the weird. 😀

Let’s not forget to wish a fantastic

happy birthday Dan Savage

who is the coolest sex columnist ever. Let us all wish him lots of cake and a great year!

Enjoy this October madness. Just consider it priming for Halloween.


Read the story here.

My pumkin lyrics

By Jenny K Brennan 2014

There’s a bird on a branch in a tree in a forest not far from me.
It serenades me and I know the type.
And there’s a man on a chair with a feather in his hair.
He says with this we can all fly.
He says with this we can all fly forever more.

Don’t burst my bubble I believe there’s a genie in my bottle.
A genie in my bottle.
Don’t tease my pumpkin.
I believe there’s a fairy and a gnome making babies on my lawn.

There’s a cat on a shelf with a glassy stare.
Watching me watching you.
This is what it’s saying.
There’s a place over there where
the stars and the sky and the ghosts gather round.
For tea on your patio.

Once upon a time we all believed.

Don’t burst my bubble I believe there’s a genie in my bottle.
A genie in my bottle.
Don’t tease my pumpkin.
I believe there’s a fairy and a gnome making babies on my lawn.

Glass slippers fit
Hans and gretel came home.
Trolls are misunderstood
Of course it is so.
Glass slippers fit
Tales are never too tall.
heroes will never fall.
Of course it is so

They’re building houses out of shrooms.
I’ll make you believe
This is for real.
They’re making babies on my lawn

don’t burst my bubble…

Jenny K Brennan
Oct 7 2014
Ontario Canada