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Fearless — About this novel and why I need you. 🙂

More fiction further down on this page. Several so far unpublished stories will appear real soon so keep an eye on this space. And to make sure you don’t miss it, do this:


A somewhat absurd tale of greed, sex, and blissful ignorance

Read it from the beginning in Fearless – Chapter 1 – The Low down

Where Amy unloads and Marcy fails to understand the subtle goings about in dark alleys.

About the story

As it often does with my creations this story started with a mental image. It was a dark, damp place. And there was a woman chained to a stone wall. That was it. I had no idea where to go from there, had no idea about genre, style, conflicts, time or even who this woman was. All I really had was an idea of a concept regarding this woman.

I knew one thing for sure and what I knew about this woman was that even though she was chained, cold, alone, and totally naked; she was not afraid. That is a strange concept in and of itself, so I suppose I went with it. I figured that fear is bad for clear thinking. Terror paralyzes. In the middle of extreme fear, the ability to see the fun in the truly scary vanishes. And I didn’t want that.

So I had this woman. Why naked? Oh, who knows. I was most likely in some bondage curious phase at the time, so chains and naked came kind of natural to me. Maybe i did set out to write erotica. That is a possibility, but when i got to the writing, what came out couldn’t be farther from sexy. That’s how it goes sometimes.

So in the end, or actually right in the middle of this story as it still has no ending, I would call this a contemporary absurd comedy of sorts. I have no idea. Hows that? Hahahah.
Marcy lives in the back of my head. I’m aiming to bring her to the front by publishing what i have, exposing her. That way, maybe she will tell me what is up.

Are you a writer? I have a fun little project for you!

Since this story has come to a painfully grinding halt and I have no idea where to go from here, it is open for collaboration. Do you want to write the next chapter? Edit the existing story to make it work? Finish the story? Contact me with your idea!

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About the writer:

Jenny K Brennan is a blind writer, songwriter, music producer, and more. She hates boxes so she will not conform to genre specifics. For the most part she is busy thinking about stories more than writing them. Sweden born, Canadian married, she creates random things as therapy when not bending rules just to provoke the proper-style junkies.

Or, for a more comprehensive chunk of trivia about this lunatic, you can hit the About me page.

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for reading. And

Never stop creating!

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