Down the rabbit hole 2


Here’s a sampling of music created. To find all the projects I’m working on go to and enter “JennyK” in the search box. To support me and other independant musicians; take a hike over to Soundblend -The only music store that counts. Crowdsourced original music. and start shopping.

Original music, collabs, and mixes by JennyK

What’s up right now? Ongoing and finished. Mixes and ideas.

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My pumkin

Play My pumpkin.
Collaboration Joey T Songwriter, drums, bass, guitar, and more. Tony Cas on guitar, JennyK mix, vocals, and more.
All rights reserved.

She listens to you cry

Play She listens to you cry.
Collaboration Joey T on drums. JennyK songwriter, lyrics, vocals, mix and more.

Hard wired

Play Hard wired

Collaboration. Jordanyk creator. Lucid rapper. JennyK spinoff producer lyrics and vocals.
All rights reserved.

Come be zombie

Alt art rock

Play Come be Zombie

Open sky – Damaged goods

Alt art rock
Play Open sky - Damaged goods

Note: Open sky is currently being rerecorded, remixed, and produced on Final version coming soon.

Hounddogs – Updated to final master

Thanks Tony Cas for the great guitar track.
Art rock

Play Hounddogs

Natural high

Art rock

Tony Cas – Creator
Robert Hall
mike griffin
Jenny Brennan – Lyrics Vocals

Play Natural high

In progress: Set me free

Coming soon


Power pop

Coming soon

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Jenny Brennan Mixer and audio artist Studio Chaotic
Ontario Canada