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Join the Studio Chaotic world of Random


As of this moment; none whatsoever. Not really. There are a few tiny little things though that you can do as a member.

  • You can control how and what categories you wish to subscribe to. There’s nothing wrong with having a check on what garbage comes in your inbox every day after all.
  • You can Blog on Studio chaotic. Express yourself in a safe space.
  • You can submit your own short or long fiction to be published here. To promote yourself and for fun; there’s no money in it but I figured you know that already.

  • You make a webmaster very happy. Plus, you get to enter the chaos and see it first hand when I manage to fuck things up on the site. You can even complain when it happens.
  • The bad things?

    Just read the list above. And you get another password to remember.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Great, I’m in! Gimme that bloody form to fill out already.

    Join now.

    And thank you for visiting.
    Jenny K Brennan
    Webmaster and artist, random idiot and muse killer.
    Ontario Canada

One thought on “Join the chaos!”

  1. hey just wanted to check out your site i notice its a wp 2014 goog choice probablly one of the best wp sites made

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