A quick pickle mix with bite – Recipe from a kitchen idiot

You know, I hate cooking.

Sometimes however, I get a bright idea.

I do like pickles. Dill pickles….. Um, and other types. Recently I did the google thing to find out how to pickle stuff. I would love to do my own dill pickles.

After a while I realized something; pickling is work. So I said to myself: Eek!” and closed the browser. I’m not that interested anymore. Oh, it’s not that hard really but it has to do with sterilizing jars and I do have a problem with boiling water. So there. No homemade dill pickles for me and I’m not all that depressed over it.

But here is a little something I made the other night, a quick veggie pickle mix with a definite bite. I will do it again and perhaps develop a recipe that makes sense for people who actually know something about cooking, which I happily admit that I don’t.

The nice thing about this little side dish is that it’s easy to make, tastes great and tastes even better the next day as long as you remember to put it in the fridge over night.

Quick pickle mix with bite.

How to make it:

Demolish 1 fairly large, normal cucumber of your preferred type.
Slice, dice, cube, whatever you fancy.

Treat two or three tomatoes the same way.
Cut one garlic clove into those tiny tiny sticky pieces.

Put all that in a bowl or container of your choice.
Now, mix two parts white vinegar with three parts water. Go with more water to make it a tiny bit mellower if you want.
Add some sugar, salt, a squirt of lemon juice and a squeeze of mustard.

Amounts are all up to you. In my first try I used a teaspoon of sugar and ten shakes of the salt shaker for about two cups of vinegar stuff, Perhaps a teaspoon each of regular mustard and lemon juice.
I should have used more perhaps but it turned out good so I won’t stray too far from that formula.

Mix all of that together and cover, put it in the fridge. It really needs to be served cold so either make it before starting supper, or leave it until the next day, which I recommend.


The kitchen idiot.

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